Custom Dentures

Your partner of choice for creating full and partial dentures

Custom dentures help you regain your smile, your physical appearance and help you eat properly. Most of all, they make you feel ready to smile again!

A denture is a dental appliance designed to replace natural teeth that have been lost for whatever reason. A full denture replaces all teeth while a partial denture replaces a number of teeth.

Nick personally hand crafts your dentures. Each tooth is skilfully placed to look completely realistic, giving you a natural smile.

Custom-crafted dentures can make a huge difference to how you look and feel. Get yours today!

High quality, custom dentures designed specifically for you

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How we build your dentures

The process begins with a free 45 minute consultation. Nick will take time to explain all available options and together, you can decide how to achieve that confident smile you deserve. It is an open discussion where you can talk freely about any issues you may have or make any specific requests. There are a range of materials, denture types, tooth shades, gum colours to discuss too.

The next stage involves taking a series of accurate impressions of your mouth. These then provide the detailed model which will ensure we create the very best fit for your denture. We also spend time assessing your jaws, gums and your smile so that we can create the very best denture for you.

Building dentures is part art and part science. It takes an eye for detail and the ability to assess the needs of the wearer. The art is matching colour, adding imperfections to add realism and matching the gum to make the denture look as realistic as possible. The science part comes from manufacturing the appliance itself, materials choice and the techniques used to build and fit the dentures.

Once the dentures have been made, it's time to try them. Usually, small refinements need to be made to get everything as comfortable and as natural-looking as we can. We continue refining the fit until you can wear the dentures with no discomfort whatsoever.

Only once you're completely happy, the treatment is complete!

Aftercare comes as standard

We guarantee the quality of all the dentures we make and offer comprehensive aftercare for all our products. If the denture needs further adjustment, repair or anything else, we will take care of you.

High quality, custom dentures designed specifically for you

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